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What does an Axcess Industrial Millwright, Pipe Fitting, and Welding Do?

welding weldingAxcess Industrial, a Division of Axcess Industries, focuses on providing our customers with Millwrights, Riggers, Industrial Mechanics, Pipe Fitters, and Welders.

What does an Axcess Millwright do? An Axcess millwright is engaged with the erection and installation of machinery. This includes such tasks as leveling, aligning and installing machinery on foundations or base plates and setting, leveling and aligning electric motors or other power sources such as turbines with the equipment. The equipment is typically connected with some type of coupling depending upon the customer’s specifications. An Axcess Millwright also installs and repairs many types of conveyors within our customer’s facilities.

A Millwright and an Industrial Mechanic share many of the same knowledge and traits.  Axcess Industrial partners with many of our customers to provide them with Industrial Mechanics as well.  Some of these partnerships are long term and others are to help for short term projects.  When providing an Industrial Mechanic to our customers, Axcess personnel will be part of the daily maintenance and repairs that our customer’s facility requires.  In the event a facility needs a large influx of manpower, it helps when we are already mobilized onsite to give the extra hand a plant might require.

Axcess also has Pipe Fitters that install piping on a large variety of Piping Systems.  Axcess has installed pipe from a quarter inch all the way up to a 48 inch round pipe.  The piping systems that Axcess personnel works on can vary from Copper, PVC, CPVC, ABS, Carbon Steel, Groove lock, Ductile, Threaded and Welded, Stainless and Aluminum Tubing, both Compression and Welded, all  types of PRO PRESS, Plastic Fusion Welded Pipe, and all Schedules including Schedule 5, 10, 40, 80, and 120.  Our Piping Systems installed includes Flour and Sugar Systems, Ammonia Piping, Hydrogen Piping, Natural Gas, Water, Steam, Condensate, Air, Nitrogen, Oil, Medical Grade Oxygen, and the list goes on.

Axcess Industrial also provides welding services.  Our Welding services vary from Certified Structural Welding with D1.1 Certs to providing Certified Pipe Welders depending on our customer’s requirements.  Axcess has the ability to provide welders that can perform Stainless Sanitary Pipe Welding, Carbon Steel Pipe welding (both Butt Weld or Socket Weld).  Our Certifications are for more commonly known processes as Stick, MIG, TIG, and  Gas Welding.

Axcess Industries also has two additional Divisions: Axcess Mechanical and Axcess Electrical.  Please keep our other divisions in mind for all of your Commercial and Industrial Needs.